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Wild Boar and boarlets in a wood
The Real Boar Company range of salamis
Wild Boar
100g Wild Boar Salami with Black Truffle
Wild boar foraging in woodland
Wild boar
100g Game Salami
Wild boarlets
Wild boars

Wild Boar from The Real Boar Co

The Real Boar Company produces a range of fantastic salamis, Cotswold reared and Cotswold made. See our Charcuterie page for more details and to buy online.

Boar are very much back in the limelight, not just because of their escapades into the countryside but also due to our increasing interest in healthy eating and a reversion to slow cooked foods.

Our boar has graced establishments totalling 15 Michelin stars including The Cinq Restaurant at George V in Paris!

Wild Boar are a native species and an integral part of the ecology of any woodland. Our Boar are ethically farmed in 20 acres of mixed woodland and grasses at the edge of the Cotswolds. The land has been free from any pesticides, herbicides or fertiliser since 1990. They are rotated onto fresh ground throughout the year are supplementary fed and forage for their food; this includes acorns, fungi, cherries and other spoils which all helps to make up the unique 'Real Boar' flavour.

"The boar was a huge success. We made terrines, sausages, brawn as well as roasting the loins, legs etc. Absolutely delicious." Hywel Jones, Lucknam Park

Boar Cigars - Luxury Mixed Charcuterie

Boar Cigars
Boar Cigars

This is the perfect gift for the person you want to make smile or for you and your friends when you need a treat, to devour with a drink, on a salad, in an omelette or with pasta. See our Charcuterie page.

NEW 100g range of salami's and chorizo's

100g Wild Boar Salami with Black Truffle
Wild Boar Salami
100g Game Salami
100g Wild Boar Chorizo

You can now purchase one of your favourites in a smaller size! See our Charcuterie page.

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