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100g Wild Boar Salami with Black Truffle
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Wild boar
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Wild Boar Meat

Nutrition table

You can see from this chart that the meat is lean. We deliberately leave a lovely layer of fat on for its flavour and the skin makes fantastic crackling.

Wild boar meat is a red meat containing 70% red fibres and 30% white fibres compared to domestic pigs which are 80% white fibres and 20% red fibres.

Wild boar meat comes direct from us only.
We have frozen haunches and loins at present, £19.50 per kg. £10 courier overnight delivery in polystyrene box.
Half approx. 3 kg, whole approx. 6 kg. Skin on and bone in.
The skin makes great boar scratchings and the bone a lovely stock.

Loin Up to 8kg at £22.00 per kg
Haunch Up to 7kg at £19.50 per kg

£10 courier on meat orders.

Please contact us to make a meat order, or email your preferred weight and cut.

To see our range of Salamis, please visit the Charcuterie page.

Should you be interested in any fresh meat, we have it available usually in the autumn for a short period of time. Please let us know and we can contact you by email.

For a selection of recipes, please visit the Recipes page.

Delivery and Payment

Meat is couriered over night. Delivery cost is £10.00 minimum (not including weekends). Please enquire. Costs and delivery time may be different for Scotland and the islands.
Payment terms on return.

Due to the nature of the beasts at certain times we may be unable to fulfil the order but will do so at the earliest possible time.

Trade: Please contact us for our trade price list.

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